CUB Play: Noodoll Over This

Look at these! Do I need to say anything else? Look at them! These snuggly little bugglies are by Noodoll and they make the most lovely of pals. Created by designer and author YiYing Wang as part of her MA in communication design at Central Saint Martins, these little fellas have bold design in their DNA. There is a crazy cast of characters to choose from, mischievous and friendly in equal measure, so take your pick.


CUB Wear: Beau Loves' Bold Fashion

Jeez Louise these are hip kids. If you like edgy then you will like this. Founded by Central St Martin's graduate Faye Wilde in 2010, Beau Loves designs quirky, gender-neutral clothes (where possible) that are adventurous and creative. Wilde is inspired by her fearless, fun-loving little boy, Beau, and his personality is stamped on each collection. I also like their campaign a lot; it's really bold and punchy.


CUB Love: You Are My Wild

Ah, this project is so ace. One of those where you think yup that's it, someone else gets this. It's such a happy feeling when you discover other photographers on your wavelength, others who also appreciate the raw, honest, proper stuff.

You Are My Wild is a collaboration between fourteen American photographers, who were inspired to do an online weekly portrait project to document how each of them sees their children.

It's just life; ordinary things, small moments, kids being kids. But there is something really special about it. 


CUB Love: The World of Boys

"These boys are on the brink of manhood. They are 15, 16 and 17 years old. Some have begun to shave and look like they should be in college or running for political office, others are in the middle of growth spurts and acne outbreaks..."

In a feature commissioned by TIME Magazine, British photographer Laura Pannack travelled to Virginia, LA and Brighton to explore the intricacies of masculine adolescence against a backdrop of shifting gender norms. In the series it is apparent that these boys are in a transitional period - a nod to their attempt to find their place in the world and to find themselves.

I adore the way Pannack highlight's the boys' individuality and vulnerability through her work, which has a quiet, respectful sensitivity about it. It's easy to be heavy-handed when expressing complex themes, but there is a subtleness to her style which means the young men never seem like victims.

CUB Wear: The Kids from Ipanema

If you have a thing for summery Rio vibes and glorious prints then look no further than the new Spring Summer collection from Wolf & Rita: The Kids from Ipanema. Inspired by all the wild and exotic that Brazil has to offer the range is a beautiful kaleidoscopic mix of pattern and colour. I like it and I think you might just like it too.


CUB Love: One Day in History

'I carry my scars with dignity, because I got them for something I believe in. It's my attitude in life, it keeps me standing. This is how things are, and I have to deal with it. It helps no one if I sink into depression, least of all myself, so I keep my head up and focus on the good things in life.'

I can precisely credit some photographers with fuelling my intense interest in childhood and adolescence photography. Andrea Gjestvang is one of those. Her project One Day in History, which documents the emotional aftermath of Norway's 2011 Utoya terror attack, is etched into my memory as a hauntingly beautiful and sensitive example of work.

It was the 22nd July 2011 when a lone wolf made his way to the annual summer camp of the Workers Youth League (AUF) on the island of Utoya and massacred 69 young people, injuring many more. Around 500 people survived, more than half of them less than eighteen years old, but they still bear the physical and emotional scars of what happened.

Gjestvang's exploration is testament to the fact that things will never be the same for these young survivors, but she also shows that it is their fortitude and maturity, not their scars, which leave the most profound mark.


CUB Nest: Bold Bedroom Artwork

Who says kid's bedrooms can't be bold and contemporary? Monochrome might not be the obvious choice when it comes to lively little people, but Mini + Maximus' range of striking posters and prints prove it can be just as fun as colour. I think these are so great I actually wouldn't mind one in my bedroom (and I'm a grown-up).


CUB Love: Russian Mother's Magical Portraits of Her Two Sons

"Children and animals - it's my life. I'm a mum with two sons and we spend a lot of time on the farm."

Elena Shumilova has invited us into her enchanting farmyard world with these beautiful pictures of her two sons and their animal friends. 

"These photos are about love, childhood nostalgia and the thoughts of a person alone with nature".

I really like the way Shumilova shows her children connecting with the world around them, using their senses to explore and understand. There is something extremely sweet and tender about what we're witnessing, without feeling too twee. An overriding sense that we've been given a very special peek into some very genuine and intimate moments.